Am I Depressed Or Just Sad? – Know About Depression

Many Individuals today are stuck in this situation and have a question in mind: am I depressed or just sad? It? is tough to tell the difference between sadness and depression because, in both feelings, you feel very low. As you know, a depressed feeling is similar to when you are sad and anxious, so they both involve negative emotions that can affect your mood a lot and your overall body health and physical state as well.

The Key Difference Between Depression And Sadness

There are different types of points and key differences that help you identify that you are depressed or sad. As you know, being sad is a gesture or emotion generated by our brain when something bad happens to us, and we are in a negative state of mind, and being depressed means a series of bad events that lead to hopelessness. Other types of feelings usually make you feel very low for several days, so this is also known as a depressed feeling.


As you know, sadness is a natural and normal reaction to life events. Sometimes pain and disappointment make you sad, so sadness goes away with time when you cope with your lifestyle and the situation, and when you get up and fight with that situation, that makes you sad. Sadness doesn’t interfere with your overall life; it affects your mental and physical health for longer, and you’re still functioning. You can still enjoy different aspects of life even when you are sad about one thing.


Depression is different because depression is a mental health condition that is present in your body and your mind for several days or months. There are several symptoms of depression in you if you feel them that make you depressed: low mood, loss of interest, hopelessness, and a lot of fatigue. Anxiety and depression last for at least three to four weeks, and at a minimum, they can last for one week. Depression can also affect your ability to socialize, take care of yourself, and do all your daily tasks.

Depression Causes Physical Symptoms

Depression can also cause different types of physical symptoms, and with depression, you cannot enjoy any aspect of your life, but with sadness, you can enjoy other aspects of your life instead of one through which you are sad. As you know, changes in appetite, sleep, or energy levels can cause depression, which different settings and full events can trigger, but it can occur without any reason as well.

What To Do When Depressed?

If you think that you may be depressed, it is essential to search for professional help because depression can be treated with different medicines and behavioural therapies. There are also other types of options available online for you to recover from depression.

What Is The Major Single Difference Through Which I Know That I Have Depression Or Sadness?

Probably the most common point, which is also an honest key point in which you can find out that you are depressed or sad through the symptoms of depression. If you feel at least six to seven major symptoms of depression in you at that time, then you are depressed, and you have to go for a mental health check. Still, suppose you don’t feel any of these symptoms and are sad due to any recent bad incidents in your life. In that case, you can enjoy other aspects of your life without being emotionally triggered or feeling negative. Hence, it is possible that you are sad and not depressed because depression occurs mostly in those patients who have a history of anxiety and PTSD as well, but if you don’t have anxiety a lot. You are a happy person, so you are sad for that moment, but you will be alright after a few times when you cope correctly.

How To Treat Sadness?

There are many ways in which you can treat sadness. Some of the ways are the following:

Try To Overcome The Problem.

When you learn how to overcome the problems from which your sadness is happening, you will be alright and start feeling happy. Still, if you don’t know how to cope with the issues through which you are sad, it will be difficult for you to manage your sadness, and it may convert into depression as well.

Try To Be More Consistent.

Consistency is the key when you have problems in your life. Like everybody else, try to be more consistent with your hard work and fight your problems. When you’re sad, your ability to focus and problem-solve will decrease, so consistency over things will help you get out of sadness and make you feel good and motivated. In conclusion, you have the skills now how to know and answer your question: am I depressed or just sad?