How to Check Your Kidney Health At Home?

Kidney health can be evaluated by paying a lot of attention too many physical symptoms in the body. There are different types of symptoms happen in your body when you come to know that your kidneys really damaged and you need to evaluate your kidney health so the some symptoms include in it such as frequently urination color of the urine and its volume. There are different types of situation happens when you’re protein is leaking through your urine and your kidney is not filtering all of your blood impurities properly so uh from urine happen.

Normally there are feelings and difficult to focus on tasks add there are sometimes blood and pass in your urine. Also there may be irrelevant itching in the urethral area due to impurities present in your blood. In this article we will going to discuss how to check your kidney health at home.

How Can You Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home for Kidney Health?

So the first step is you can monitor your blood pressure at home because it is important to know your blood pressure if your blood pressure is normal then there is always a danger to your kidneys when you have high blood pressure it can damage your kidneys over time so firstly to check your blood pressure you need a blood pressure monitor. Nowadays there are digital blood pressure monitors are present which you can easily use to check your BP at home easily.

There are many fluctuations in your blood pressure if your diet is not correct but consistently high readings of BP can damage your kidneys and heart functioning a lot. So if your BP reading is above 140 / 90 then it can cause a risk to your kidney. So contact your doctor immediately to avoid any complications.

What Role Does Hydration Play in Kidney Health, and How Can You Monitor It?

Hydration please a very important role in maintaining kidney health and to monitor your kidney health at home you need two monitor your fluid intake in a day because kidneys relies on fluid intake a lot and they filter waste from your blood effectively. You can watch your hydration status by watching the color of your urine because it is the most common indicator that helps you to identify that your body needs water or it is hydrated so clear or white yellow urine typically helps to find out that you have good hydration but when your urine color is dark yellow so it means that you need to drink a lot of fluid.

if your hydration is poor consistently so that it can lead to kidney stones add also it is difficult for your kidneys to work and filtering blood for longer period of times so it can be dangerous in this case if dehydration occurs in your body.

How Can You Use a Home Urine Test to Assess Kidney Function?

Home urine tests are extremely helpful to find out kidney function by knowing that there are abnormalities present in your blood or not. Also it can find out the glucose and protein amounts in your urine as well so that you know the body functions properly or not these are trips are present easily at any medical store and very simple to use.

To use this strip you simply need to DIP that strip in your urine container and according to the chart that it provided you can match your urine color to it and find out that it indicates the kidney damage or not if you find out any of abnormalities you need to talk to your doctor immediately for further diagnosis because it is important focus on your health when it comes to vital organs like kidneys.

How Does Diet Affect Kidney Health, and What Changes Can You Make at Home?

Diet plays an important role to maintain kidney health when you take a low sodium diet it is excellent for your kidney health and also take other minerals as well like phosphorus and potassium. When you are at home you need to eat fresh fruits vegetables and lean protein sources like chicken breast and beef steak as well. Lowers the usage of processed foods like fried chips and other fast foods which contain sodium in higher amounts and also there are many other additives present in that as well.

You also need to manage your blood sugar levels and avoid to use the sodas present in market because diabetes is a major factor which can damage your kidney health when your dog dies battery changes so there is probability that your kidney functions well and you will have a great life instead of spending rest of your life in a hospital.

How Can Exercise and Weight Management Improve Kidney Health?

Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight which is extremely good for your kidney health so do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily which include walking swimming or cycling. You can surely lift weights as well because lifting weights makes your muscles stronger that helps your body to survive more and keep yourself young.

At the end when all of your parameters on which you check your kidney health at home do healthy stuff with your body that helps your kidney to survive more instead of damaging them. Now you have enough information about the question that how to check your kidney health at home.