How to Improve and Reset Gut Health?

People are always curious to know that how to improve gut health and in actual firstly they need to know what gut actually is. Gut system is gastrointestinal tract and also called our digestive system. Our gut contains a lot of good bacteria in intestines which helps our food to be digested perfectly.

But nowadays there are many foods that are really bad for our health and literally destroying our good gut bacteria and many companies use preservatives and other ingredients which makes our gut health worst. In this article we will going to discuss how to improve gut health with easy ways and foods which are commonly present and great for your stomach.

Which Are Two Super Foods For Your Gut Health?

So when we are talking about foods that are extremely good for your gut then fermented foods are on top always. Below one by one good fermented foods are discussed that will do wonders for your gut health.


Yogurt is obtained from milk fermentation and those bacteria that used to make yogurt are gut friendly and promotes digestion. You always used to listen this normally that yogurt is good in both diarrhea and constipation because it always helps your gut to digest the remaining food which is present not digested by your intestines due to low amount of good gut bacteria.

In yogurts Greek yogurt will be the best choice because of its protein content and also less in calories as well. Many people who are on diet use Greek yogurt will barriers in their breakfast.


Kombucha is also a famous fermented drink made from both and black and green tea. It is fermented from bacteria and that is why it is probiotic and used for good gut health.

There are many researches present on this that kombucha promotes the growth of good bacteria in intestines which helps your food to digest more easily and you can take this drink in morning as kick to start your day.

How Fiber Helps To Improve Gut Health?

Naturally occurring fiber is well known carbohydrate obtained from plants and you don’t even how much your gut loves fiber. Fiber just like a magic to your gut and it heals you. Gut bacteria’s thank you for taking fiber in your diet. The main help that fiber gives you is help in digestion and that’s what everybody wants.

Constipation is a major gut issues now a days only because our foods that we eat are lacking in fiber content. Fiber is necessary for your gut to survive and if you do not eat it enough your body will not absorb a lot of minerals and in result you diagnosed with mineral deficiency. So increase fiber in your diet and there are many vegetables that are high in fiber like spinach, cucumber and cabbage. Also other green leafy vegetables are included.

Are Antibiotics Destroying Your Gut Health?

This is the major topic of discussion for many doctors but what the research told us and many gut doctors also agreed on this is that antibiotics are extremely bad for your gut health because antibiotics are specially designed to kill the bacteria but these tablets do not know which bacteria is good or bad so it kills good bacteria of our gut in large amount.

Which is very bad for our health and many people gut health is on stake due to these over the counters antibiotics. Always do not but these medicines without the prescription of doctor and until your body needs it badly and there is no solution instead of using antibiotics.