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Most drugs are prohibitively priced, making some segments of society unable to purchase what they require. Many medications currently on the market are known as generics.

Cheaper versions of branded drugs can often be found at various pharmacies online, leading many users to question if trying less pricey versions is related to effectiveness or potency issues.

But those fears are unjustified – to understand this better, we’ll examine the nature of generics more closely.

What are generics, and how come they cost less

When it comes to the high cost of branded drugs, drug development and licensing play a significant role.

Before any medication can reach the market, its development must undergo years (sometimes decades) of intensive research and clinical trial rigor – this business may cost companies over $2 billion. There are three stages of trials, which take up most of both money and time as this is how companies get licensed medications approved to be sold specifically for specific conditions.

When a company completes licensing procedures, they are granted patent protection, guaranteeing them exclusivity over selling the drug for 20 years and thus compensating their expenses.

Generic drugs allow manufacturers to significantly cut expenses as their release does not involve extensive research; on average, this results in an 80% to 85% difference between the final costs of generic and brand-name drugs.

Does this still mean generic drugs are safe?

Generic medications must meet numerous stringent standards despite not needing clinical trials for approval.

As mandated by the FDA, generic drugs can only be sold at pharmacies if they meet six conditions set out by them:

  1. Used for similar indications;
  2. While in production, our product adheres to FDA’s good manufacturing regulations;
  3. Each batch produced is compliant with identical requirements for quality, identity, purity, and strength;
  4. The generic equivalent is chemically equivalent, comprising chemically identical active ingredients;
  5. is bioequivalent;
  6. Each drug in this grouping has identical dosage forms (capsules or tablets), strength, and method for drug administration.